Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making time

So I have wanted to start blogging again since May when i found out that I didn't get picked for extreme weight loss. Before I found out I started back at boxing and eating healthier. I really want to document this time in my life; not necessarily for anyone else but for myself so I have a place to look back and see that yes, it is hard work but that I felt amazing and that losing weight the natural way does work!

My stats for today (format may change)

No boxing
Stayed home sick from work
Got out of bed at 11:00
2 ribs and ants on a log for lunch
2 prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Chicken, onion, mushroom, tomato letter ice wraps with broccoli on the side
2 Hershey kisses

Jump rope 3 sets of 75 s/u

Tire hammer and tire jumps
8 rounds for time
200m row
6 squat/jump to bar

Time: 22:18

I needed that workout tonight. I also found my ORM clean (65#) and dead lift (135#) those are good starts. I will make new PRs pretty quickly. 

Off to bed for boxing in the AM


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