Friday, February 26, 2010

Some funnies I didn't mention about the orientation

So I was just talking to my sister and realized there were some "Tessaisms" from the orientation that I forgot to mention.

But first, I think it was Shannon who asked what kind of push-ups I had to do. It was somewhere in between a girl push up and a boy push up. They were these kind:

Ok, so after doing 22! of those bad boys, we went down stairs to take pictures for the website. If you know me, you know how super proud I am of the fact that I can take an awesome picture and somehow lose about 50 pounds in seconds! Well, these guys were having none of that. "Can you not tilt your head so much?" "Look straight at the camera" as they are POINTING IT STRAIGHT AT ME!!!! You may or may not know, but when you are fat it is not just suggested, it is a requirement that you take pictures from a downward angle and with your head tilted. Let me demonstrate:


So after asking to take my own picture, and being denied, I finally approved of a slightly goofy one (who knows which one they will use grrr)

Walking up the stairs from taking the picture I spot Ryan my trainer. So instead of say "Hi Ryan! How are you!" or "Heya!" in response to his greeting I yell: "TWENTY-TWO PUSH-UPS, BITCH! " across the room. I promptly apologized, blamed it on my excitement and explained that I don't swear anymore because I am a Christian (slight moment of temporary hyperactivity insanity)

I also got super giggly when this one personal trainer (who is hot due to an Australian accent) was measuring me and put the tape around my "widest part" which of course, happens to be my butt and we got in a discussion about how much I love my butt and how it is my favorite part of my body...oh, Tessa

I was basically really hyper and excited the whole time which usually equals a ton of comedy for the people around me but me feeling like a boob afterward. Good times.

On a non-TFC note, I bought these today and am in love!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Titan Fitness Challenge Day Orientation

So, is it just a coinkidink that our mascot is an elephant?!?!

Well, here's the good new...his name is "Tuffy" and he is a Titan! LOL

Today I had orientation for Titan Fitness Callenge. I was sort of dissapointed to hear that only about 80 people applied; it is such a great opportunity.

So for those who are wondering, here are the details:
First three weeks I get small group (there are only two of us) personal training FOR FREE! Second three weeks I get it twice a week, third three weeks once a week. The last week we are on our you figured it out...10 week program.

Here are the trainer is Mr. Ryan all the way top left. Yeah, he's super cute but not in the "I wanna do you way" more of the "I want to set you up with my best friend and pinch your cheeks" kinda creepy, I know. I hope he kicks my butt

The areas measured are:
Weight Loss
How many times around the track in 12 minutes
Strength (measured by push-ups)
Food log

This is how I did
Track...well...9 times around the track is a mile. I knew I couldn't so a 12 minute mile but I wanted to get close. I actually thought MAYBE I would somehow get all this stamina and do it. Not so much. I made it 7 times around though...I'll take it
Strength I did 22 push ups!!!! Most girls were doing under 10, some couldn't do any at all...I must have cheated
Flexibility I am in the "normal" range! I got to a little over 10 inches, that would be past my toes the way it is measured!
I didn't write down my measurements and we will have to wait until next week to see how I did on food log and weight all in all I have to say, it was a sucess!

I just ask for everyone's support and encouragement while I do this, it will be fun and I am happy to be representin' the Comm Disorders Crew!

A little inspiration for me:

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