Friday, March 12, 2010

Chi-Chi Weezer (If you have to ask...)

Tuesday was really hard again, I almost cried while jogging AGAIN!

This is why: I do ok when I work out, but jogging and doing stairs make me REALLY out of hurting and sore throat and hard to breath and then afterwards I was getting this rattling cough.

Well, I went to the Dr. for something else and talked to her about this, discussed symptoms and the past and I HAVE ASTHMA! Well, exercise induced asthma. (It's a real thing)

So the Dr. was Thursday early morning, got my inhaler right afterward and used it Thursday before personal training and I was able to run (well, jog) about 2.5 times as much as before! Can you believe that? MY WHOLE LIFE! I thought it was just ‘cause I was fat that I was breathing so hard...I mean, it is but there is an additional component as well.

So Thursday was a lot better, today I took the dog on a 40 minute walk, kind of leisurely...even though it killer her; and tomorrow is outside boot camp at 9am!

I also went to see the chiropractor on my trainer's advice because I fractured my tail bone when I was a kid, and have been super sensitive every since, and apparently my back is jacked...but not in a painful way which is funny.

My upper back is "locked up” my coccyx is all out of whack and my sacrum is twisted and slightly stuck hahahah

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok, this is going to be long!

I know, it has been almost a WEEK! I am trying to do this blogging thing after each training session, hopefully I can keep up!

Thursday was SO MUCH better! I think being sick on Tuesday just really killed me!
We started out doing the same warm ups: run aorund the track twice, skipping (forward and backward), stretching muscles as we walk, lunges etc.

OK, I wasn't this serious!!

After we warmed up, Ryan took us to the dark cardio room and had us on the treadmills. We were all super sore...he only had me on a 4.0 incline at 3.2mph. I felt like a loser because it seemed so small but he said it was ok for me -- good thing because I was TIRED!

We did that for something like 15 minutes and then he had us do more lunges, kettle bell, maybe squats, and the kick our hand thingie...or maybe it was the reach for out legs while we do crunches...don't quite remember.

After burning our legs off, we went to where the machines are and did some arm weights, push ups, and planks. Do you KNOW what a plank is? Do you KNOW how hard it is to keep almost 300 pounds of Tessa off of the floor and up on my hands and toes? Pretty hard. And after the third set of three for 10 seconds, my arms were a bit wobbly...

Another thing, I had to learn how to do it right! Ryan is always yelling at me "TESSA! butt DOWN!" So finally I yelled back "THAT ISN'T NATURAL" (insert embarrased face here)

This is the way I wanted to do it:

(It's the ghetto in me)

This is the right way:

So yeah, that was Thursday! Saturday is a whole 'nother story! Oh, here it is real quick!

Saturday we got a bunch of us together so there were 12. We went into the studio and got out steppers and mats and did a fun little circuit training. I swear some people cried, others quit. I WANTED TO KEEP GOING! (yeah, not during the middle part but after we were done of course)

It was good music and fun! I did have an injury though. I was doing push ups and my arms gave out on me and BAM! right on my knee! Oh well!

So I still get way nervous before each training session. I'm nervous about tomorrow, always concerned that I won't be able to "make it" scared that I will have to give up, that it will be too hard.

(oh and a mini confession: I had a Baja Fresh burrito for dinner *GASP*)

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Day of Training

Where to start... Tuesday was the first day of training. Before meeting Ryan, I went to see the nutritionist and get weighed and stuff. I was down 4 pounds! YAY! I ended up running a bit late and had to run to the gym. As soon as I got through the front gate, I hear "Tessa get up here, now." AHHHH!

So I get upstairs and Ryan says "two lap, now, you're late" *insert sad Tessa face*

I run one lap, quickly walk the second and join the other two girls in my group. We started off doing stretches. Of course, these aren't those feel good, relaxing stretches you do on a mat! Ryan had us skipping to stretch our calves, we did these big steppy things...basically moving and stretching at the same time.

From there we did a few more stretches like lunges and push-ups (in what world in a push-up a stretch?) This is where it gets exciting! Remember on orientation day how I was so freaking amazing and did like 2,200 push-ups?!?!?

Yeah, couldn't even do one real one...NOT ONE!

Anyway, after stretching, we did another lap and then we had circuit training. The first "circuit" was kettlebell swing, I think somehting called an x-crunch, punches with 5 pound weights in each hand, push ups. We did three rounds of this with a lap around the track in between.

After that the circuit changed. It was then double kettle bells, where you do arm curls then presses, squats, something else, then this thing on our back where we had to kick a leg up and crunch at the same time. Again, with a lap in between each circuit.

So here is how it went down: I think I died! I was weak because I am sick and that didn't help anything! Basically, about half way through I cried...yup, I cried! I know, I know, but I WAS TIRED! No one saw was during one of the laps, I just was like "I'm too fat for this crap," and tears came, but I finished crying before I finished the lap and no one was the wiser.

This is going to be hard, really, really hard. I would say at least two or three times harder than I thought.

Today I couldn't sit down to pee, I basically did a controlled fall to the toity. It hurts to go up the tiniest step, and it is getting worse! AND GUESS WHAT?!?! I have to work out tomorrow.

So I am loading up on the advil and water and should be praying that I can at least do it tomorrow. How does that work...if I try to squat and I can't because my legs are jello, what then? Will I get yelled at because I "can't" do it!??!!? Ok, I am stressing myself out, I just gotta do it!

Thanks for reading, everyone's support has been great! I also REALLY appreciate comments, they keep me going!