Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Contemplating furniture

Ok, so we don't close until the 15th and I am already obsessing over furniture. Even when we do close we used like most (cough, all) of our money on this house that furnishing it may take a while.

So here is what I have and my priorities, I will go room by room.

"Sitting room" this is the room right by the front door, I think they call it the formal living room. Basically, it is a place where no one will sit but it is the first room you see when you enter the house so kind of important. I want this couch and two chairs plus a little table:

So this couch was a mistake by the upholster. The people who ordered it ordered one solid color and the pillows in this fabric and WHOOPS! So this is a $1499 or something couch for $799 and I think it is super cool (other opinions appreciated) So is this room a priority? I think so... but who knows

Formal dining room: Have it!!! Yay, I eventually need a buffet to put my wedding china and silverware in but this is NOT a priority

Office: Good to go, a desk, a couple of bookcases...nothing else needed for now

Kitchen: The space in between the kitchen and "great room" (basically the real living room) usually has a second dining room table but less formal, I don't know how I feel about that, we may get a little cafe set...not sure. NOT a priority

Great room: Ugh, we need a TV stand, a comfy couch (that will hold up to lots of sitting, laying and cuddling), a comfy chair (my desire), and that's it. I REALLY want to change the screen on the fire place because it is gold but it depends on how much it costs

Weirdo room with no doors: No clue, maybe some book shelves, can use what we have for now even though it is U-G-L-Y

Guest room: Need a full bed set including mattress, I really liked a set that was only $399 here is the pic:

Do guest rooms need dressers?!?! I hope not. I think this is a priority because we would like to be able to have people over and we have never had a guest room before

Art Room: No clue, ask Wayne, he doesn't know, probably won't buy anything

3rd Bedroom: Since this is now our "meditation/prayer" room, I guess we need a yoga mat? Oh! I have one from one of the times I exercised.

Master Bedroom: I NEED a bedroom set! Like an adult bedroom set. I have never had like a headboard/footboard bed (well, I didn't have my own bed until I was 15 but that is another story) So I really want the whole bed, dresser, nightstand matchy thing. OH! And don't forget the whole other half of the bedroom...the "retreat" yeah, um, that is last on my list...for now it is the puppies play area.

MISCELLANEOUS (thank goodness for spell check)

We have outside furniture, there are no lights or fans in the house but places for them in the ceiling so those will have to be purchased, I need a fridge (PRIORITY), and I want a fountain.

Decor (lamps, vases, art) are going to have to come slowly.

This will be fun, I just wish I could do it all at once.

Are you as boggled as I am? If you have any suggestions/tips/opinions, I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here I go again

So, hey, it's me! TA-DA!

I am starting to feel like I have more time in my life again with the whole not being in school and not working 10 hour days.

So what's new? (You may ask but probably not since I let everything out on Facebook)

  • Well, after graduating, I had a rockin' grad party. About 50 people in my tiny town home
  • It worked well though since it was an open house and people came at different times
  • I continued working as a long time sub for an SLP that was on maternity leave
  • Wayne was becoming more confident that Blockbuster is going DOWN
  • After talking about what we want from life, Wayne and I decided we want something a little slower and after considering all out options, we decided we wanted to move to Murrieta
  • I went on about 6 interviews in various cities
  • Got offered a few jobs, but took a job at the most amazing private practice in Murrieta
  • Applied for my licence
  • Told my mother in law we were moving...one of the hardest things I had to do even though it is only a little over an hour away
  • Still working for the district, waiting for my licence to come through
  • Started looking at houses
  • Put in two offers
  • They were accepted
***HEY! There are only 28 days in February and I am already getting tired of writing***

  • Here we are! Had my home inspection yesterday and everything went really well. This is for sure the house for us
  • As I am sitting waiting for the inspector to be finished, Wayne calls to tell me that his store is closing. For all that don't understand, this could be great for us! He will possibly get a severance, we can move sooner instead of me commuting three days a week and he gets his vacation paid out. This way he isn't second guessing himself and won't have to quit! YAY!
**This is a lot of exciting stuff and I am not taking ANYTHING for granted**

Here are some pictures of the house:



Formal Living to the right, Dining to the left

Some of the kitchen

Looking into the great room from the kitchen

Formal Dining Room

Office to th right from hallway

Master Bedroom and Retreat?

Smallish Backyard

That's all from now, I have a video tour if anyone wants to see I can email it!